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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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hear what frank rizzo's son has to say. president trump is taking criticism from members of his own party. the strong word some republicans have as he blamed the violence in charlottesville on, quote, both sides. >> police have a standoff with a man inside. >> and today is wednesday, august 16th. good morning. jim donovan has the morning off. the jackpot is up for grabs.
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we're excited. >> we went into an office pool. did you guys all put in for it? >> i have my 5 bucks for jen. >> i said the other day. i would take peck allen's share. >> that will work. >> we're looking outside right now, everything is looking good, lots of construction but we do have one accident with a motorcycle and we'll get to that in a bit. >> i'm glad you wore a bright color. with the fog issues we're going to face this morning, you're the only thing we're going to be able to see. >> wait until you see the visibility. we take a look at storm scan, there's nothing out there and today stays dry. we're going to have fog issues throughout the course of the morning and the national weather service has since just issued a dense fog advisory. this is going to last us until 8:00 a.m. it's the vast
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majority of the region here, philadelphia the entire 95 corridor is included in this and we're talking visibilities that have dropped well below half a mile on my own personal drive is i noticed the visibility came in patches. just because it says 6 miles visibility in philadelphia international it does not mean it's like that through the entire region. fog is the problem but the sun is going to help scatter that. >> today is going to be busy and we're starting off with problem areas we're looking outside right now, see some flashing lights and you can see we are dealing with some fog out there. everything is looking hazy. this is that accident i was talking about moments ago involving a motorcycle in bucks county. still very, very dark, very early, of course with that fog
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it's going to cause some visibility issue. construction behind that accident, 95 north between route 1 and business route 1 and 332 that left lane is compromised there. >> this morning president trump is taking criticism from members of his own party. >> they're upset over his remarks that quote both sides are responsible for this weekend's violence in charlottesville. late last night senator john mccain tweeted. >> and pennsylvania representative tweeted potus must stop the moral equivalency. again, white supremacists were to blame for the vii cleanse in charlottesville. here's what some of what president trump has said. >> if you look at both sides, i think there's blame on both sides. what about the alt left that
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came charging as you say the alt right. do they have any semblance of guilt? and you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. >> president trump will leave trump tower in new york city today and return to new jersey to continue his working vacation. >> a public memorial for the woman killed in charlottesville last weekend will take place today. the service will honor 32-year-old heather heyer when a car plowed into a crowd. coworkers describe the paralegal as a strong woman who stood up for her believes. in philadelphia a rally is planned tonight along north broad street and in abing ton a vigil will take place tonight. >> baltimore city official and crews waste no time bringing
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them down. take a look at this cell phone video. it shows the last of four confederate statues being removed overnight. meanwhile, vandals target a statute dedicated to former philadelphia mayor and police commissioner frank rizzo. a large sign with a message shame on president trump was taped to the statue last night. people who want to see the statue come down say rizzo treated the african-american community unfairly. >> i never remember my dad being anything but a fair person. if you broke the law no matter what color you were, he made sure that philadelphia was protected. >> it's about healing our own sins, about confronting our own
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paths and moving forward. >> rizzo served two terms as mayor between 1972 and 1980. the rizzo statute was dedicated in 1998. and a spokeswoman for philadelphia mayor gym kenney released a statement saying that we think now is a good time to have a conversation about the future. we need to figure out a forum in a serious structured way, but now is the right time. >> a tense barricade situation ends peacefully overnight. eyewitness news on the scene along the 2100 block of homer street last night. police say they were responding to a call from a woman who claimed a man inside of her home threatened to open fire if police were called. >> when police arrived on location, they saw a 43-year-old female on the second floor roof of the house. she was on the roof hiding from a 46-year-old male that she had just served a protection order on. >> no shots were fired and the
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man surrendered without incident. a $15,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of an attempted arson suspect. he was caught on surveillance video last wednesday leaving the underground garage. that man powered flammable liquid around 9:00 but was unsuccessful in lighting it. the man left pushing a baby stroller covering his face with a clothe. >> you've got multiple people in that building doing work throughout the night. an underground fire could have had devastating results. at this point the fire department union, the atf have all put up $5,000 leading to the information and arrest and conviction of this individual. >> police aren't sure if the suspect is homeless. they're trying to get more surveillance cameras installed. >> an update a suspect caught on
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camera desecrating a local synagogue has turned himself in. you see him there in the blue shirt. police say video from sunday shows that man outside of a congregation, he approached the doors, made an obscene gesture and urinated on the walls. a big brace in the case of a hit and run. police say they have found the jeep. investigators say the veek tl struck and killed 53-year-old ann broderick. an anonymous tip led them to the jeep. the jeep's owner may not have been the one driving during the hit and run. if you have any information about this, philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> a judge says evidence related to two bombings in new jersey can be admitted at the october trial of the man charged in a bombing in new york city last
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year. the man was arrested after a bombing in chelsea last september. the judge says jurors can hear about bombs detonated as a seaside park charity run and elizabeth new jersey. angela agrusa defended cosby but wants off the case before the retrial in november. his lead defense lawyer asked to be removed earlier this month. prosecutors want the judge to deny the requests claiming the hearings delay justice. upper darby residents come together to enjoy outdoor movie last neat. >> a special screening of the lego batman movie. >> it's a great public relations way to show the community we care, show the community we're part of it, and it's well
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received. >> and this is the fourth consecutive year for the movie night in upper darby. >> all right, jan. not all is lost. we still have a chance to be a millionaire. >> tonight's power ball grand price is up to $431 million. no one matched all six numbers in saturday's $371 million power ball drawing. that means tonight's jackpot is more than $431 million. if you take the case option you get $274.4 million. the. coming up crews in the northwest have a big mess on their hands. >> that's after a train goes off the rails and spills coal everywhere. how long it will take to clean all this up. >> and one of the most famous monuments of the nation's capital get vandalized. how long it can
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. >> welcome back. police arrest a suspect in connection to monday's toppling of a confederate statute in durham, north carolina. a 23-year-old was taken into custody yesterday as her supporters chanted against police. she is facing two felony charges related to riots and property damage. video allegedly showed thompson tie a rope around the statue of the confederate solder before the crowd pulled it down. national park service crews are working to remove red graffiti from the lincoln memorial. someone spray painted an spletive on one of the columns. they're using a mild gel-type paint stripper to remove the graffiti. >> they've already applied one
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coat, let it sit for an hour, rinse it off, assess and reapply as necessary. >> it will take several treatments before all the paint is gone. park officials also found silver graffiti painted over a map of a smithsonian area of the national wall. >> a cleanup in montana after a train hauling coal there. a spokesperson from the rail company says very little coal spilled into the river but it's enknown just how much. the company says the cleanup can take weeks. they're cooperating with federal authorities to figure out what caused the derailment. >> katie. >> it was steamy outside. at least we're back to sunshine today but the steaminess has not gone anywhere because we have so much moisture in the atmosphere.
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i was just on kyw news radio swapping stories with the anchors there how was your commute in and some were saying it was completely clear and others say i can't see my hand in front of my face. it's very patchy. here's a look over looking bethly hem. we know this is main street. you can't make out any of the landmarks out here. you can't see south mountain. it is patchy, it is something that will slow you down and because it comes in patches it can trip you up. if you're traveling along with no problem all of a sudden it cuts up on you like that. i had the very same situation on my drive in. it will get worse before it gets better. we need that sun to come up. at least storm scan is quiet. we don't have to worry about wet weather. visibility is certainly going to
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trip you up. high pressure is on our side for now. eventually a new system is behind the storm scan here but we do still have a hurricane on our hands. it is out to sea allowing some of the surf to get turned up but for the most part this is going to be a nonissue for us. i would make sure if you're going to the beach, because today is a good beach day that you absolutely swim near a lifeguard because when you've got these kinds of systems, it's going to help churn up that surf, get the rip currents going and you want to be near someone that can keep an eye on you. hurricane gert is expected to strengthen, expected to completely bypass north america but it is going to strengthen to a cat 2. meanwhile take a look at what happens in future weather. by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.m. we should be in the clear for
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sunshine. >> thank you so much katie and looking outside right now we already have problems. take a look at this accident involving a tractor-trailer. we've got a lot of people outside their vehicles walking around. you're being squeezed all the way to that far right lane, that fog is going to cause some visibility issues but it does look like we have a squad car right now. as you're traveling by you're going to be getting a little bit of delays. this isn't too far away. this is the schuykill just a heads up on that construction is still out there and we also have another accident involving a motorcycle pulled all the way out to the shoulder and construction not too far away from where that motorcycle is.
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that left lane is compromised there. >> a man riding his bike along a trail gets a little too close to nature. >> luckily he missed my leg, missed my tire. >> the scary encounter he
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. >> this next fellow probably has some wild thoughts. so much for a cruise through the park. officials in connecticut are trying to trap a black bear. >> the man told authorities he's been riding the trails for more than a year and this is the first time he's seen a bear and he says it was a close call. >> i felt like go. just get on and luckily he
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missed my leg, missed my tire when he made a sweep with his right paw and missed my back tire and at that point i got up on my pedals and took off. >> probably a good idea. state wildlife officials says it was likely a mama bear protecting her cubs. >> lots of woods in that area so not surprising that they would come out. >> you worked in connecticut. >> and i covered a bear up in a tree. >> shockingly. not so shocking. >> time for a check on business news. >> good morning roxanne. >> we expect to see more earnings to give us signs of economic strength. what are they. >> good morning, jan and rahel. target is reporting earns today before the opening bell and walmart reports tomorrow.
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stocks sfin ishd about where they started. the nasdaq finished 7 points lower. >> wells fargo just named a new chairwoman. what's the significance here? >> that's right the bank has named libds duke as the chair and she is the first woman to hold a position at a major u.s. bank. this moves comes as wells fargo is reeling from a number of scandals. duke is a former federal reserve governor. she will replace steven sanger on january 1st. jan and rahel. >> here's hoping it helps the company turn around. we'll see you in the next hour. thank you. we are heading back to the '90s. it's going to be pretty durn steamy out there. >> i think it's one of those perfect pool days. once we get rid of this fog, we're back to sunshine. it's steamy out there and we definitely are heating
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. >> welcome back as we overlook a relatively clear view here from the central parkway library. you're going to find areas of patchy but very dense fog across the region. that shot that we have just across the street looks all good right now but we are far from all good when it comes to visibility region wide. you're not going to find all that easily on a satellite, unfortunately. but it does stay clear. this is worth showing because we don't have any wet weather in the forecast here today but the wind is so light, the humidity and moisture content in the atmosphere that the fog has a chance to settle in here. so we do stay clear in that regard in the wet weather department throughout the day but we're going to need some
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time for this fog to lift. your comfort is far from comfortable over the next couple of days. friday in particular looks just downright insufferable. that will be a terrible hair day and you're also going to have some showers and thunderstorms moving through at that point. so that is going to be the day that we need to sort of focus on the positive and look forward to some quieter weather because that humidity spikes to the point where it is so unbelievably uncomfortable and that's also again when we'll see more showers and storms return to the forecast. >> good to know, katie, thank you so much. and the visibility issues, yeah it's going to pose a problem for us this morning and lingering out there until it kind of moves out of our way. as you're walking out the door it's going to slow us down just a little bit. we have an accident involving a tractor-trailer. schuykill west involving a vehicle as well. you are condensed it looks like
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the far right shoulder. lots of activity going on here. because of that you're going to have a lot of gaper delay. you can see as you approach where that accident is, all of these backups starting to form. a lot of brake lights starting to go off again. if you can avoid that area. it's starting to get very busy. we also have an accident out here 95 north before route 332. it looks like they're getting this remedied for you and it doesn't look like there's any backups but i want to pull it to your attention because how dark and foggy it is. also the vine was closed overnight and we're looking at resurfacing on the schuykill. a lot of construction and accidents. >> meisha, thank you. should it stay or should it go. coming up in the next hour we're live with more on the
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controversy surrounding the frank rizzo statue in center city. >> dramatic issues from overseas. >> we'll tell you how you can go on a wine tasting trip with
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. >> this week it's robert e. lee, i notice that stone wall jackson is coming down. i wonder is it george washington the next week and thomas jefferson the week after. you do have to ask when does it all stop. >> president trump getting criticism this morning. meanwhile overnight more confederate statues coming down. >> oneta


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